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When the teeth are damaged due to tooth decay, we often recommend dental fillings. It’s a fairly simply yet effective solution.

The filling not only restores the look of the tooth, but it also brings back the function of the tooth. The filling also blocks the entry ways for the bacteria to get through, which prevents further damage to your tooth. The loss of enamel due to the tooth decay may have also made it increasingly sensitive especially when exposed to hot or cold food and drinks. A dental filling can alleviate this problem.

What to Expect

If your dentist finds tooth decay, the first step is the removal of the decayed material from the tooth. The dentist will then clean the area and fill in the remaining space with the filling material. It can be made from either gold, porcelain, a composite resin, or an amalgam. The filling will then be allowed to dry and then polished so that it feels natural and normal in your mouth.

Preventing Tooth Decay

Of course, it is always better to avoid tooth decay in the first place. To do that, you need to have proper oral hygiene through regular tooth brushing and flossing, getting dental cleanings, and periodic checkups. The dentist may also suggest the use of dental sealants and fluoride treatments.

At home, we recommend that you minimize your sugar consumption, and try to avoid eating unhealthy snacks in between meals. You should go on a healthy diet instead, as this will not only help with your overall health but also improve your dental health.

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