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There are many factors that can lead to missing teeth. If you don’t have a proper oral hygiene regimen, your teeth may not be able to survive the constant onslaught of bacteria in your mouth. You could also lose a tooth or two due to accident, illness or aging.

Losing a tooth or several teeth pose a lot of challenges. For one, you will not be able to chew your food properly, which in turn, can lead to nutritional deficiencies. Your smile will also be negatively affected, and your psyche may suffer as a result.

To replace missing teeth, your dentist can recommend complete or partial dentures. This is a tried and true method and today, modern advances in dentistry have paved the way for more comfortable and natural-looking than dentures.

Installing dentures requires making a mold of your gums so that this appliance can fit in your mouth perfectly. The base of the dentures is often made from acrylic, as this material allows the dentures to settle comfortably over your gums. The teeth components of the dentures are made from ceramic, which not only resemble real teeth but is also strong and durable.

Dentures remain a popular option, as they look very natural. They enable you to smile naturally and regain your self-confidence. Of course, dentures need some getting used to, but eventually you can learn to speak and chew just like you used to.

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